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Mini-Basketball England Skills

Mini-Basketball involves several important skills

Dribbling Basketball Skill

Go to the Ready Position. Push the ball down with fingers and wrist. When it comes back let it push the hand up, then push it down again. 'Five finger' feel is important - dribble the ball with 5 fingertips, not with the whole hand. The ball should go no higher than the waist. Look up and forward. Look about the court and the game. Look for a team-mate in a good position. Protect the ball with the opposite side of your body. Remember the dribble ends when the ball is held in one or two hands. Any number of bounces and steps can be taken and the dribbling hand can be changed.


Cross Over Dribble Basketball Skill

As a defensive player approaches, one needs to change direction to protect the ball. As you change direction, plant the foot on the ball side hard against floor with a push. The dribbling hand pushes the ball, slightly from the outside of the ball, across the front of the body (rather than straight down) to the other hand. Be certain to protect the ball with your other arm.


Defending Basketball Skill

Good stance is as important on defence as on offence. Always play defence in the READY POSITION


Lay-Up Shot Basketball Skill

A lay-up shot is a shot on the move, made close to the basket using a one-two count rhythm. Shooting a right handed lay-up.

Shooting a left handed lay-up. As in the illustration above, repeat but use opposite feet.


Two Handed Set Shot Basketball Skill

Shooting Action.

NB in basketball we tend to use the one-handed shot, but research has shown that children of mini basketball will achieve greater success developing their proficiency at the two handed shot.


Chest Pass Basketball Skill



Two Handed Bounce Pass Basketball Skill

The starting position and technique is similar to the chest pass. The difference is the ball bounces on the floor on the way to the receiver. Remember


Be ready to catch.....