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Mini-Basketball England School Sport Partnership

Mini-Basketball teacher in sports hall

The new School Sports Partnerships and Mini-Basketball England are already making a very significant impact on:

Mini-Basketball England has now worked with over 4,000 schools, bringing to physical education and sport, a wealth of experience in teacher and coach training.

Mini-Basketball has many qualities commended by the National Curriculum.


What can the Partnership do?

Mini-Basketball coach in sports hall

Explore with Mini-Basketball England, a programme to offer all the primary and middle schools in a Partnership the opportunity to adopt Mini-Basketball in the school curricular. A series of Teacher Awareness Workshops should emerge, probably delivered over several months.

Advise MBE which schools might host a Workshop. It will need to know the name, address, telephone number and name of head teacher for each school, both the potential host and the possible family schools that might participate.

Personally talk with the head teachers and encourage them to see this as a unique opportunity to enrich P.E. and the need to persuade all teachers to attend. Suggest to the heads that this is a good spend of the in-service training budget, not a charge against the P.E. allowance for equipment, etc. You may feel able to 'bargain' with some incentives, pay all or part of the fees.

Follow it up with an enthusiastic promotion to the primary link teachers. Leave no stone unturned to get a full turn out. Many of the best workshops have seen the heads participating too!

Seek funding to support the scheme. Have you read 'The Sportsteacher Guide to P.E. Funding'? Consider also approaching local Community Funds or service organisations like Rotary, Round Table and Lions. These clubs often welcome new initiatives, which they can support.

Schools will need equipment for an effective P.E. initiative: goals indoors and outdoors to meet needs of different age groups and for children in reception to Year 4 a set of size 3 balls and for years 5 to 7 size 5 balls. Better to buy quality you will not then have to pump balls every lesson!

Consider phase two School Club Workshops and Fun 'n' Games sessions.

Martin Spencer , Mini-Basketball England Education Officer will help with these projects and later establish a strategy for regular inter-school competition base on the Mini-Basketball England suggested Competitive Framework.


What can Mini-Basketball England do for the Partnership?

Mini-Basketball kids in sports hall

Assist in the promotion and administration of training opportunities – Teacher Awareness Workshops and Teacher-in-Class Development for ALL members of staff from those who teach Reception to Year 7.

Having agreed with the Partnership Managers which schools to promote Mini-Basketball, contact Martin by E-mail: or telephone 01604 517732. Negotiate with the head teachers the most suitable dates and times to ensure all members of staff can participate. Register the participants and keep yourself informed of the degree of support.

Martin can help progress this work as required.

The Workshop, which is regarded as high quality teacher training, is delivered by very experienced and qualified teachers and coaches.

The two-hour workshop is a physical experience, not too arduous and never embarrasses participants. It swiftly introduces them to a wide range of Mini-Basketball activities, which they can adopt and adapt for their P.E. lessons. Even those colleagues who have little affinity to P.E. and Sport find the workshop enjoyable.

The workshop is best mounted in a primary school hall. Primary Teachers are more inhibited in secondary school sports halls.

At the conclusion of the Workshop each teacher receives a set of illustrated notes and subsequently a personal certificate for their INSET portfolio. Each school receives a pack of informative publications. A copy of the excellent teacher reference manual 'Mini-Basketball - A Guide to Teaching and Coaching' by Martin Spencer.

Teachers then can develop teams, which can experience competition. Initially MBE recommends a joint school 'Fun 'n' Games' or 'Festival, if you prefer.

Boys and girls from several schools could come together at one of the Partnership sports halls, bringing in Mini-Basketball goals and balls. The accompanying teachers could work alongside qualified coaches and train and coach teams made up of representatives from each school. No school would be at risk for not performing, no huge margins between teams, children would have fun and a real taste of games.