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To Minibasket Centres

The organizing committee is pleased to introduce you the 24nd edition of the International Tournament “Minibasket in Piazza”. The event will be held in the town of Matera and surroundings from 19th to 26nd June 2016.

From a number of 56 to 64 teams will be admitted. The tournament is dedicated to “aquilotti” category (children born in 2005/06).

The program of the event schedules the same number of the matches for all the participating teams and the same prizes for all the children.


The athletes that can participate in the tournament are the children born in 2005/06 Each team can participate in the event with a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 12 children. The teams can be male or mixed ones, so female athletes have the possibility to join the game.


Only one coach and two accompanying person are admitted together with the team.


Depending on the availability there are different types of accommodation:
A: Accommodation in families in Matera and in surrounding towns (the accommodation for coaches will be found by the organizing committee);
B: In religious accommodation, boarding school or barracks for special prices;
C: In hotels with special prices;
D: In tourist village *** (3 diamonds) located close to the sea in Metaponto where some matches will be played (special prices);
E: In hotel *** located at 400 m. from the sea in Metaponto (special price);
F: In tourist village **** located at 100 m. from the sea in Scanzano Jonico or Nova Siri (special price).


Each team manager must fill up the subscription form attached to the invitation and send it by fax to +390835314372 as soon as possible (or via post office at our post address). O per e: mail In the subscription form the team must indicate the accommodation’s type that is preferred and the other options in case the chosen accommodation is not available. In case the accommodation’s request is greater than the availability, the choices regarding accommodation will be taken considering the temporal order of the subscription arrivals. The team can be considered as registered to the tournament when the subscription’s fee has been accredited. In case that a team gives up, its subscription’s fee will not be given back.. The teams that are accepted to the tournament must send to the organizing committee the following material:

Matera is near Bari’ s airport. Further information can be required calling, sending a fax or mailing the address of the organizing committee.


Mini-Basketball England International

Dear Mini-Basketball Friend,

PIELLE MATERA is please to invite you to the 23nd edition of Minibasket in Piazza 2015 for 2004-05 born kids.

The tournament is well know around the world because we host from 48 to 64 teams coming from all over the world: Argentina, Senegal, Turkie, Palestine, Jordan, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Libano .... Please visit our web-site to check the last editions (pics and videos) -


Matera will be the European capital of culture in the future 2019 !!! Our city is beautiful and it is considered a UNESCO site to be preserved for its historical value. Please visit:


I send you the admission module for the 23nd edition of Minibasket in Piazza 2015 which will be held from the 21st to the 27th of June in Matera (Italy) and surrounding towns. The closest airport is Bari (45 km). You can also choose to stay in the beatiful places of Policoro or Nova Siri, close to the beach, to have a fantastic week full of basket and sun!!! It is a week full of matches and nice activities for kids!

Please contact me for any kind of doubts you have and I wish to hear from you soon. We ask you to give us an answer as soon as possibile.

About costs

Guests free local families, or usually you can choose where to stay: we have places in Matera (town), in Santeramo (town), in Metaponto (beach) and Nova Siri or Policoro (beach). Usually the price for a week (full board) can go from 180 euro (bungalow accommodation) to 280 euro (hotel ***/****) per person (only for kids and coaches).

For teams who need visa

Please contact me as soon as possible; we need to arrange for visas request. As a matter of fact we use to request sport visas for you; but in order to do this, we need the following information for each person coming:

For this reason you need that your kids have a valid passport already! As I said, I attach here the admission module and the invitation full of Minibasket in Piazza pictures.

Watch our videos on You Tube:

MBP 2012
MBP 2013
(for Matera - cultural capital city 2019).

Thanks for everything!
Please get in contact with us as soon as possible by mobile, email or skype. Marco


Invitation to Minibasket in Piazza 2015 - 21-27 June - Matera Italy International Tournament “Minibasket in Piazza”.

Euro Camp

The teams will be quartered at EUROCAMP in Cesenatico, a tourism and sports center, situated directly on the beach of the Adriatic sea, for children and adolescents in the heart of the Riviera romagnola.

EUROCAMP offers its guests accomodation in 3, 4, 8 and 12 bed rooms. In the event that rooms at Eurocamp are booked out, accomodation outside the camp will be arranged. EUROCAMP is in Cesenatico, an excellent base for excursions to nearby tourist attractions and amusement parks like Mirabilandia (20 minutes from Eurocamp), Italia in Miniatura (Rimini, 20 minutes), Oltremare e Aquafan (Riccione, 30 minutes), Le Navi (Cattolica, 35 minutes).

The new Camp-Tournament system (under the supervision of Stefano Pillastrini, Head Coach in Italian National League) allows classical CAMP activities to be combined with the competition of a TOURNAMENT.

The Camp-Tournament offers:

For more details visit:

An invitation from France......

Hello from Wimereux, France

We are pleased to invite your Mini-Basketball team (boys 1999 and 2000) to play in our annual basket ball tournament on 7 and 8 of April 2012. We have organised this tournament for 5 years and it is always a very good time for mini- basket ball and friendship. It will be a 2 days tournament with 12 teams from all Europe.

Wimereux is located on the north coast of France near Boulogne sur Mer, We accept 2 girls playing in the team. For accomodation, there is 2 excellent possibilities (clean and cheap):-

Some teams from France, NL and Belgium are already ok to come and we will be very pleased to receive you. Let me know as soon as you can if you intend to come. If you need more informations, don't hesitate to ask me. Sincerely yours, Guy Feutry. Chairman

Mini-Basketball Islands: The Development of Mini-Basketball on Malta

Mini-Basketball in Malta

Ivan Riolo, PE Lecturer at Malta University, a good friend of Mini-Basketball England, is the Chairman of the Malta Mini-Basketball Commission. Ivan has worked with Martin Spencer MBE Education Officer, trained as a Val Sabin Licensed Trainer and invited Martin to work with coaches, teachers & children in Malta. Ivan's wife Charlotte also attended a European Mini-Basketball Jamboree held in Nottingham. Charlotte, Ivan, Martin & the Northampton School Sports Partnership also worked together to stage a Sports Festival on Malta involving Northampton & Malta to demonstrate the principles & value of mini-sport.

The past…

Mini-Basketball copied the adult version of the game. There were clubs and competitions with ranking tournaments. Mixed age-group categories were used starting from under 10 upto under 13 yrs of age. Mini Basketball courses were held locally with the participation of Italian experts in the field. Malta participated in International Mini-Basketball Jamborees and starting to rethink the approach.


A Mini Basketball Movement…

In 2005 at the end of season basketball forum a development model was launched which targeted an immediate adaptation of the adult game to fit a game suitable for children. Changes were immediately taken on board and adapted to create an environment fit for children. The 'Mini Basketball commission' was created.


Immediate adaptations were carried out…

Mini-Basketball in Malta

Long term adaptations…


Introduction of new categories…

Transition to basketball…

First competitive ranking league structure


3 v 3 concepts on a Mini Court

3 v3 is introduced in clubs and practiced up to 10 yrs olds to develop.

There is a choice of progressing to 4 v 4 with no dribble. More offence is encouraged rather than defense.

Tournaments & Festivals

A Mini Basketball tournament every Saturday morning (8.30am – 11.00am). Each category plays an official MBA tournament every 4/5 weeks with no ranking of teams.. An end of season festival is held for every category.

Registration policies


Communication between leaders

Developing Mini Basketball Leaders & Parents

Mini-Basketball in Malta

Educational programme targeting LTAD principles. Experts in the field of the mini game were invited to lead workshops & seminars. (Martin Spencer/Maurizio Mondoni). The Foundations In Coaching Course was introduced ( It was essential that parents at the clubs were educated in the new approach.

Introduction of the Junior Officials…

We want to share the Take 6 Mini-Basketball concept. The first mini referee course (22 youngsters 10-16yrs) was held in 2010. From 2011 'the young official in mini basketball' will be held. The programme will be monitored by qualified officials. All young officials officiate mini basketball and some have moved up to officiating the cadets/cadettes leagues.


Some statistics…

Mini-Basketball in Malta

Local Mini Basketball Nurseries…

Starlites B.C, Loyola B.C, Euro Basket, Hibernians, Depiro Basket, Luxol, Siggiewi B.C, Athleta B.C and Mellieha B.C (not regular participants in Mini)

Approximate Malta Mini-Baskeball numbers:

Under 8: 62 Girls, 71 boys
(133 participants) Under 10: 57 Girls, 98 Boys
(155 participants) Under 12: 101 Girls, 102 Boys
(203 participants)

Approximate total: 550/600 Mini Basketball participants

Mini-Basketball in local schools

Mini basketball is generally a club sport not school sport. Basketball appears as an invasion game in the Malta Physical Education curriculum. Schools have the opportunity to send children to sessions organised by the Basketball Development Unit.

Kunsill Malti Ghall-Isport

Malta Sport Council promotes:

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